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Tips For Submitting Products



Use good product photo
Use good product shots that clearly convey what the product is and/or how it works. Bonus points for properly zoomed in photos with a colorful background. Minimum resolution is: 650×506 if possible jpeg

Write a good and short description.
Write clear descriptions that get to the point and explain what the product is, what it does, and/or why you need it.

Use a short explanatory title
A simple title that explains what the product is is preferred over an extremely branded title. Try thinking about how you would tell to someone about the product for the first time, would you say “AP-4000 keyring” or would you say “Check this funny squeezy keyring”

We do not have the time to respond to every submission. Even if we plan on publishing your submission, we typically cannot provide an ETA on when it will be published. We always try to make this procedure fast as possible.

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