LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The award-winning LifeStraw Filter technology has evolved with the addition of a 2-stage filtration system and a sleek, durable steel body. In addition to the hollow fiber membrane found in the original LifeStraw personal water Filter, which filters out virtually all bacteria and protozoa, the LifeStraw steel offers the additional benefits of an activated carbon capsule. The replaceable carbon capsule reduces chemicals such as chlorine as well as organic compounds – including pesticides and herbicides – for up to 100 liters. The result is better tasting and odor-free water. As with the original LifeStraw, the LifeStraw steel requires no batteries, pumping or waiting. The food-grade stainless steel housing is sturdy and meets us FDA standards.

We have to say this is a nice idea, but im not sure that I would try it.



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