Girls Have Fun While Driving, But When The Phone Rings?

4 Girls haveing fun while driving, but when the phone rings? The driver goes to answer the phone call, but what happens next is absolutely heartbreaking. You have to see this for yourself because it’s an important message to remember. I never saw this ending coming. Damn it, we really didn’t thought what will happening.

The video below starts the exact same way. Four teenage girls are driving in the car, when a catchy and popular song comes on the radio. When Fifth Harmony’s hit song “Worth It” starts playing, the girls can’t contain themselves. They begin to dance and sing along to the music. Everything seems to be going great, but then the phone rings.

via SummerBreak

Did you know?

7-in-10 people engage in smartphone activities while driving. Texting and emailing are still the most prevalent. But other smartphone activity use behind the wheel is now common. Among social platforms, Facebook tops the list, with more than a quarter of those polled using the app while driving. About 1-in-7 said they’re on Twitter behind the wheel.

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