Bogey Egg Yolk Separator

After when we’re saw the IGGI Jumbo Toilet Mug, we think nothing can be more disgusting or more (fun) like that mug. But we’re wrong. Here the great Bogey Egg Yolk Separator, which is bring new feeling for you, when you will use it.

I’m giving the Bogey Man Egg Separator a five-star rating because it does what it claims, and there is nothing wrong with it. Has it changed my life and given me more meaning? No, it hasn’t, but it does separate egg yolk from egg white, and it did get a reaction when given as a prize at our monthly poker game.

Simply break the egg into the head of the Bogeyman Egg Separator. The yolk remains in the top of his head whilst the white dribbles out of his nose. Gross or what! It may be a little distgusting, and we dont recommend you show your dinner guests your culinary skills prior to serving dinner – but its a great little gadget to have handy in the kitchen.

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